Sep 17, 2021 · Chequered Skipper (11x10cm frame) £20. Goat moth caterpillar (11x10cm frame) £15. Angle Shades on also handmade oak leaf (17.5x12.5cm frame) £30. Morpho butterfly (17x12cm frame) £25.. ADULTS - Japanese Rhino Beetle, (Trypoxylus dichotomus) From £25.00 GBP Beetle Breeding Substrate – Flake Soil £10.00 GBP Larvae - "Red Devil" Japanese Rhino Beetle, (Trypoxylus dichotomus) From £16.00 GBP Sold out Larvae - Eastern Hercules Rhino Beetle, (Dynastes tityus) From £12.00 GBP Sold out View all Flower Beetles. Stick Insects Age: 8 months Mixed. £1 each. I have loads of baby Indian stick insects for sale. All are ready for collection now, from: Derby, De21. PRICES: - £1 each each *stick insects might be slightly bigger than the babies in. Joshua T. Derby. Individual. 2. 6 days.. "/>Insects for sale uk